Leading through Diversity: Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders

By Amine Ayad and Emad Rahim.

Published by Organization Studies, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Leading through Diversity: Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders is a unique contribution to the complex subject of leadership. Dr. Ayad and Dr. Rahim build on their vast and diverse experience to translate academic concepts of leadership into a practical roadmap for students as well as managers, executives, and business leaders. This book is an overview of contemporary aspects of leadership such as change management, diversity, and servant leadership that goes beyond philosophical arguments to "applied management" and "leadership-in-action".

Dr. Ayad narrates chapters of his own succesful journey of working with leaders who were able to turnaround organizations and deliver profits and shares amazing stories, insights, and leadership success secrets. Dr. Rahim, a survivor of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, brings a unique perspective to the topic of leadership from a servitude point of view. His work as a social entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, public servant and management consultant helps to diversify the leadership conversation and brings social responsibility to the forefront. The combination of Ayad's and Rahim's professional experiences and education adds a refreshing twist to a core topic that makes you want to rethink your understanding of what makes a leader and how leadership should be developed in the new millennium.

Keywords: Leadership, Diversity, Management

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 4.034MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by Organization Studies, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Dr. Amine Ayad

Scholar-Practitioner, Research, and Author

Dr. Ayad is a Scholar-Practitioner and accomplished business leader with over twenty years of experience in developing and implementing strategies, designing and sustaining effective processes, engaging employees at all levels leading to improved top line and bottom line business results. As an adjunct professor, Dr. Ayad has taught at Strayer University in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Centennial College in Canada, and Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Dr. Ayad graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University as a Civil Engineer. He holds a Doctorate in Management from Colorado Technical University. Dr. Ayad is currently the Divisional Merchandising Director for Walmart's Great Lakes Division

Dr. Emad Rahim

University Dean, College of Business and Management, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Spring, CO, USA

Dr. Emad Rahim is an award winning author, educator, entrepreneur and community leader. He was named a Laureate Visiting Scholar and Beyster Institute Scholar Fellow and was awarded the Certified Manager of the Year Award by ICPM of James Madison University, for which he was nominated by CM professional peers and chosen by the ICPM Board of Regents based on his outstanding commitment to leadership, community service, and continuous professional education. He received additional distinction when he was chosen among faculty across the nation as a finalist for the "CEC Educator of the Year" by Career Education Corporation, and was accepted into the AACSB post-doctoral bridge program at Freeman School of Business of Tulane University, New Orleans, L.A., a prestigious research residency which only accepts a handful of applications each year. His accolades also include a Congressional Award, Teaching Excellence Award of Entrepreneurship Education and a 40 Under Forty Award for Business Leadership. Dr. Rahim is currently the University Dean for the School of Business at Colorado Technical University and Chief Learning Officer at Global i354 LLC.


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